1 of februari  to 4 februari 2018

Organic Retreat – Bio-dynamic Farm Weekend Raw Food & Fermentation https://exploreraw.com/holidays/organic-retreat/

We are proud to announce an exclusive fermentation retreat with raw food chef Stephanie Jeffs and Stefano Novellino at the farm. If you are ready to indulge in a weekend of feasting on fermented foods and creating dishes with us that will improve your gut health we invite you to join us!
Currently booking: 
February 1 - 4th 2018
September 6 - 9th 2018


Summer 2017 , a banana garden has been planned and done , to minimize  frost risks,searching for a better microclimate, half way up the hill ,facing south, digged in the mountain, the bananas are doing well, also moringa,aloe,sugarcane,and a few mango trees. Good fun and intresting project to follow.

Over the winter stefano is going to build a heating system based on a rocket stove burning principle. That will be implemented on a cooking stove at the bottom apartment and into a mass heater for the guest house.    Maybe we find time to publish photos when it is ready .... 

End of november 2016 a Eco reforestation program will be held at Shangri-la , we are going to plant thousands of trees, bushes and seeds , in order to improve the biodiversity and habitat at the farm.

November 2016 , The garden is growing, fruit trees have been planted ,many friends and many helping hands have visited shangri-la and the first rooms are getting ready and we have welcomed the first guests.

Updates will follow later on ..........

10 of january 2016 , S.L. has just been purchased , we have  access to the property from the 1/3.