Shangri-La is open to receive people with different needs and interests,                                                                                                look also at:

You may visit as :
1 ) paying  guest / visitors and choose to be completely by yourself and just use the place as,  a B & B or hostel or a camping or park your camper.  As a visitor, you can always,when possible and  available, choose to be part of the farm's activities if it is something that interests you.  At the moment we have no restaurant service, but there is the posssibility for basic costs and sharing the work, to eat together with us on the farm.

2 ) woofer, volunteer. 

We offer Practice location / volunteer in biodynamic farming / horticulture with great focus on fruit tree cultivation.                                                                                                    We offer for volunteering  a 2 week stay period for bord and lodging , for one volunteer at time.   

3 ) Resident , if you are looking for and you  feel that this might  be a possible  long-term intresting place, we can offer you to stay here for longer periods .                                         Maybe you are interested in coming here regularly, perhaps as a pensioner?  Maybe you want to create here  your own "space" ?  There are possibility to be discussed ,  get in contact for more info and make  a first visit.  

Faro is the nearest airport. 

There are no main connections to Shangri-la , we are 5 km from the town of silves, and 12 from the train station of silves.  If you are not renting  a car and may wish to be pick up at the silves train staion we can arrange that , previous arrangement , for 15 €,  and from the faro airport for 150 € .Taxi is of course also possible and cheaper.

PLEASE by any visit , be responsible ! be respectful ! don t come here with parfums !!

not on you , not on your cloths , not with shampoo etc.  We are living here sustainable, chemicals goes in the water , in the garden where we grow the food we are living from .  By and use here only ecological products with no parfums !  Thank you !

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