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  HusetWelcome to visit and join SHANGRI-LA


The vision for the Shangri-la project , is :   

1) To care for a ECO/BIO biodynamic/permaculture farm as far south in europe as possible , in a warm climate , in order to grow a rich variety of subtropical fruits and plants, in order to become mostly self sufficient and self sustainable. Inspired by ECOregenerative, syntropic agriculture ideas .

The farm will be the base for a sustainable, holistic lifestyle that will offer fresh healthy food choices and provide an opportunity for everybody to practice mindfulness in physical work .

2 ) To care and manage for a healthy environStefano working with horsesment as uneffected as possible by microwave radiation, in untouched nature rich in water , with the potential to develop a thriving and rich biodiversity . Shangri-la is and wants to be a intentional comunity for living a healthy life style, free from EMF/microwaves radiations.



3 ) In order to respect life in general and towards each other, on the whole grounds of
Shangri-la (S.L. ) , we do not use any type of microwave generating devices.  Shangri-La  is , on the whole ground, a smoke, drug, alcohol and microwaves FREE place. NO PETS.                                                                                

4 ) To share with other people the possibility to join and enjoy S.L.

5 ) To inspire and promote a healthy life style.

6 ) To work and get inspired from the impulses given by Rudolf Steiner .

At S.L. we like to consciously focus on human contact, connecting with nature and handycrafts instead of dealing with electronics and media as is more and more the case today.

Enjoy and be happy ! at S.L. you are out of reach for mobile phones !

 If you feel inspired , by what you are reading and willing to respect the visions,

while you are here , feel very welcome to contact us .

 S.L. is peacefully nestled amidst the hills near the town of Silves in algarve , portugal.

It provides an ideal environment for healing body, soul and mind.

 Stressed ? tired ? to be "online"  all the time ?     Be " off line " for a while at Shangri-la !        At S.L. there is no Wireless coverage of any kind ! (apart satellite !... )

From June 2016 we have started recieving guests

Welcome ! on behalf of Shangri-La

Stefano novellino, november 2016

updated june 2023


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